I would like to take this opportunity to give you an insight into structure and daily workings of this local family run business.
It started many years ago in fact 2000 when Richard decided to go it alone with his Grab Lorry in order to try and earn more money to look after his young growing family namely Luke, Matt and Daniel. (LMD) With long hours and commitment he soon managed to start growing and employing drivers to fulfil the demand he had created for his reliable and responsive services in as he would say “Moving Muck!”
Gradually as time moved on the boys joined the company one by one and with this came new innovative ideas like Skip Lorries and skips, processing the waste/rubbish collected and having machinery to help sort the collections, in conjunction with this they were able to open the facility to other Skip and waste companies. (a far cry from “Mum, it’s the dustbinmen!!”)
The Company now run a Fleet of over 15 Vehicles including Skip, Grab and Tipper Lorries and employ over 25 people from the local community.
I have just been reminded not to forget Mum; Sharon the hardest worker of all!