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Avoid Fly Tipping Penalties with Skip Hire and Grab Hire in Redhill

Skip and Grab Hire in Redhill

While most residential property owners and many businesses in the Redhill area can control waste effectively without using skip hire or grab hire services, some generate far more waste than is allowed through weekly collections from local authorities. Some homeowners and companies in the Redhill area have also found, to their cost, that using fly-by-night operators to dispose of excess waste can have concerning and extortionately expensive consequences.

The cost of skip hire and grab hire services in Redhill, in comparison to fines incurred for the illegal dumping of waste, is surprisingly low. Fly tippers are often private operators, working out of vans. They collect waste from individuals and companies in Redhill without having the required waste carriers license. We’ll leave you to guess where much of that waste ends up.

The Effects of Fly Tipping in Redhill

The impact of fly tipping is of serious concern. Harmful substances, some of which can’t even be handled safely by professional skip hire and grab hire companies, are laid to waste in an open environment where wildlife, plant life and people suffer. Even fridges and freezers have been found dumped in Redhill. These are potentially lethal for small children who can climb inside to play only to become trapped.

Additionally, where there is unsolicited waste there is vermin. Rats will always be tempted if waste contains a source of food. So even if there is no direct need to use skip hire or grab hire services, homeowners in the Redhill area should always dispose of their own food waste responsibly. It’s also important to remember that fly tipping leaves local areas looking unsightly. Furthermore, this can damage the reputation of some Redhill neighbourhoods.

The Benefits of Skip Hire and Grab Hire in Redhill

Skip hire and grab hire services are perfect for customers in Redhill who have waste disposal needs which are larger than those normally associated with local council collections. With skip hire, there isn’t even a need to have massive volumes of waste because we supply units to clients in and around Redhill at sizes which start at just 4 yards. We do, however, have skip hire options of up to 40 yards with our roll-on/roll-off containers.

Finally, for the largest waste volumes, or for projects in the Redhill area where waste has been accumulated in hard-to-reach places, LMD can provide a convenient grab hire collection service. Grab hire sees a dedicated vehicle sent to your Redhill home or business with a driver-operator who uses an extending arm to collect waste. The arms on grab hire trucks have a reach capability of between 5m and 7.5m, making them ideal for any collection.

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