Affordable Skip Hire & Grab Hire In Dartford

A skip bin will give you more storage capacity than a bag or plastic bin thus ensuring that you will not have to worry about re-emptying the bin week in week out.

Furthermore, you can hire the skip as a one-time thing (such as when you have a major remodel/refurbishment of your house, spring cleaning, gardening or removal of debris on a construction site) if this is the only time you will disposing of such a large amount of waste. You can also hire a skip on an ongoing basis, making it your main method of waste disposal.

If you are constantly disposing large amounts of waste, or you are a landlord or property manager with an apartment complex, skip hire may be more convenient instead of having small plastic bins or bags.

Our Skip Sizes

4 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 30-40 Bags
6 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 60-80 Bags
8 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 60-80 Bags
12 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 100-120 Bags
14 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 110-130 Bags
16 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 120-140 Bags
20 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 180-200 Bags
40 Yard Skip Hire
Approx 280-300 Bags

Why Choose LMD Skip & Grab Hire?

Same Day or Next Day Service

Local Family Run Business

Wait & Load Available

Road Permits Supplied If Needed

Very Competitive Rates

Available 24/7

Why Choose Our Skip Hire Dartford Services?

  • Our team has highly qualified and licensed operators – these are the people who will be handling your bin in the field. We always ensure that we hire only the best, to avoid careless accidents and ensure overall professionalism.
  • We have a highly reliable customer support team, to ensure that all issues and queries are responded to as fast as possible.
  • LMD is an established skip hire company with a solid reputation.
  • We have a public liability insurance cover, which ensures that our client’s property is covered in case of an accident or damage during skip collection and replacement. Our operators are also insured, thus shielding our clients from any liability in case any of our operators is injured on your property.
  • We have a large number of skips that are kept in good condition at all times. Our clients should never have to worry about getting an old/corroded skip during replacement of a bin. It is our job to ensure everyone`s safety because a corroded skip will be a danger to our operators more than anyone else.
  • We are highly reliable, we never miss a date when you call us on TIME to come and collect. Our clients are our number priority, and we would never wish to inconvenience them.

We advocate for safe and ethical garbage removal and disposal. We try to treat, recycle and reuse as much as possible, in order to conserve the environment. Not everything from the bins we collect goes to the disposal landfills. Only that which cannot in any logical way be recycled is taken to the landfills.

At LMD skip & grab hire, quick delivery and prompt collection are what we are all about.

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Skip Hire Prices

We provide extremely competitive and straight forward prices for skip hire and grab hire within Dartford. Prices can usually vary based on a number of factors, such as:


The larger the skip, the more expensive it is


If you`re located in a remote area where the operators have to cover a long distance to get to you, you will probably have to pay a little bit more than someone whose property is more accessible. Additionally, the easier it is to access your driveway while retrieving a bin, the less you are likely to pay.

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Type of waste you intend to dispose

The harder it is to collect and dispose of a particular type of waste, the more you are likely to pay. For instance, if you are disposing of old furniture or broken glass, you are likely to pay more than someone who is disposing of garden items and normal household waste, simply because they are easy to dispose of.

If a permit is required

If you have a private driveway, you will pay much less for our services since you will not be incurring the extra costs of acquiring a permit. However, if your skip is to be installed in a public space, you will need to first get a permit, which will increase your overall cost of the skip.

At LMD skip hire Dartford services, we have a wide variety of bins, depending on the type of waste the client intends to dispose of.

When it comes to size, we can help you calculate the skip size that is perfect for you, based on your volume of garbage. This will ensure that you only pay for a bin that suits your needs because skip size and price tend to be correlated. We also send our representatives to survey where you intend to place the bin, to ensure that it is convenient and safe for our operators when they come to collect.

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Google Reviews

  • Alex Walker

    Great service with grab hire truck. Arrived early and all done in quick time. Very friendly bloke doing the collection too.

  • Alex Parry-Jones

    LMD your guys are reliable polite and helpful. Your office is efficient. The service after 3 skips has been great.

  • Margaret Baden

    L.M.D skip hire were great. Very friendly, helpful and excellent value for money. Thanks LMD

  • Alice Ruffle

    I hired a skip, it was delivered on time, by friendly staff, and at a very reasonable price. Thanks

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