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Skip Hire or Grab Hire for Larger Projects in Crawley?

Affordable Skip Hire & Grab Hire

If you’re a commercial or industrial client in Crawley, or if you’re a domestic customer who has traditionally used skip hire for waste removal work but can’t see how all that waste is going to fit into one of our units, we’d like to introduce you to our grab hire services. Because we cover Crawley as skip hire and grab hire specialists, LMD will always have a personal yet professional solution available for your waste management needs.

Our largest skip hire units are referred to as roll-on/roll-off containers but even the biggest of these is only 40 yards in size. For some clients in the Crawley area, even the option of having new skip hire units or roll-on/roll-off containers delivered daily won’t be enough for certain types of waste removal. Therefore this is where our grab hire services come into play.


Our Skip and Grab Hire Process?

  • Grab hire involves the use of dedicated vehicles which arrive at your Crawley address
  • The vehicle is driven and manned by a trained driver and operator
  • The operator positions the vehicle in an area which makes your waste accessible
  • Extending reach arms with a grabbing mechanism pick up the waste
  • Waste is continuously transferred to the grab hire vehicle until everything is loaded
  • Our grab hire vehicle leaves your Crawley address and returns to our transfer station
  • Waste is screened and processed. Muck away waste is made into aggregates


Why Choose LMD?

The typical timeframe for a full grab hire service, from the moment our vehicle arrives in Crawley until the time it leaves, can be as little as 20 to 30 minutes. Because there is little or no labour involved, grab hire is a more convenient option than skip hire for all large-scale waste removal. Therefore this leaves your workforce free to tackle the rest of your project in Crawley.

For the domestic customer, there are none of the pitfalls occasionally attributed to skip hire services in the Crawley area. Waste doesn’t need to be transferred to the skip, also there’s no need to apply for any permits with grab hire and there will never be any concerns over other people living or working locally using a hired skip for dumping their own waste in.

While skip hire has numerous benefits for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Crawley, grab hire provides an inclusive solution that minimises time spent on waste management. And even if you’ve positioned waste behind perimeter fencing or site barriers, the arms on our grab hire vehicles can reach behind them to collect.

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